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Welcome to the Most Useless Wiki EverEdit

This is a chronicle of the greatest event in the history of mankind- Easter at Carleton. We strive to maintain a standard of excellence in all we do, and this wiki will provide future hosts with expectations and inspiration.

Contribute and help piece together the great history of Easter.

What is Easter?Edit

For the uninitiated, Easter is a yearly egg hunt for drinking games that began in 2007. Its pretty god damn simple. Find an egg, open it up, figure out what the picture inside signifies, then drink the fucking drink or play the game it tells you to. If you don't want to find eggs and still want to rage, go ahead, but some people will leer at you and/or ruthlessly insult you. The event has been held at different locations each year. Each location presents new challenges, and every year they are ignored and people do whatever the hell they want. Easter is one of the few things people put serious effort into at Carleton, so each year deserves some documentation.

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Links to each yearEdit

Easter I

Easter II

Easter III

Easter IV

Easter V

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